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2012 Open results

We were blessed with dry weather and some great racing today. Congratulationd to all the winners!
Veteren Dash
14-20lb group
1st WCRCH Baby Love
2nd Shropshire Lass
3rd Silver Star
4th Gambler Girl
Heat Wins for Shropshire Lass and Baby Love.
21-25lb group
1st WCRCH vc Devils Double
2nd Devils Gift
3rd WCRCH Heross
w/d WCRCH VC Terraquin
Consolation final
1st VC Reason to Believe
Heat wins for Devils Double, Devils Gift
26-32lb group
1st Code Red
2nd VC Bionic Bunny
3rd Feathers McGraw
4th Campanula Tottington
consolation final
1st Twinkles Daughter
2nd Call me Crystal
Heat wins for Code Red, VC Bionic Bunny
Main 240yd Bend Open
14-19lb Group
1st Diamond Star
2nd Gold Dust Woman
3rd Belle of the Ball
heat wins for Diamond Star, Belle of the Ball
20-23lb Group
1st WCRCH Sapphire Queens Topaz
2nd Zula Go Quick
3rd Sydney
4th The Were Rabbit
consolation final
1st Winterfell Hells Belle
2nd Pretty Boy Floyd
nr Fangdangle
nr Guys Goldilocks
heat wins for Ellobiko, Zula go quick, sapphires queens topaz, Enfys, Sydney
semi wins for, sapphires queens Topaz and Sydney
24-27lb group
1st Any Other Business
2nd Ryamber Something in the Air
3rd WCRCH Spudice
4th Only Me
consoloation final
1st Cadman Simply Red
2nd Ryamber Springalong
3rd Blade Bunny
4th Brent Bunny
heat wins for only me, satin sundown, heartlands pablo, ryamber something in the air.
semi final wins Any other business and only me
1st Chermayeff
2nd Shropshire Jockey
3rd WCRCH Wheatroyd Gambler Boy
4th Double Diamond
consolation final
1st Markamys Marley
2nd Deadly Twister
3rd Golden Wonder
Heat wins for chermayeff, Markamys Black Bentley, guys gone fishing, wcrch wheatroyd gambler boy