****************Meeting every Saturday (weather permitting) at 12.30pm.  See contact page for details************************

Heart of England

Heart Of England is a Pedigree Whippet Racing Club, affiliated to the Whippet Club Racing Association. The club has been in existence for over 20 years, formerly as Dosthill PWRC and then Linton PWRC. We renamed ourselves at the start of 2001 when we moved to our location near Tamworth, Staffs.

Our season is from March to October and we race most Saturday afternoons (starting at 12:30). If you are considering joining us, you can contact our secretary (Ann Brown) - to confirm that we are running.

In May 2005 the club re-located to Shuttington; where we have access to a 150 yd straight, with an uphill run across two football pitches. We also have access to the village hall, which means we have a covered area if it rains, with facilities for making refreshments and toilets for those in need! We are a family friendly club with members of all ages from 7 to 70, and openly encourage children to take an active part in racing.

As of 2006 we also have a successful bend course as well as the facilities to stage lure coursing.